KKT Orthopedic Spine Center X-Ray System

One of the key features of the KKT program is a precise and detailed assessment of the existing condition of your spine. This information provides your KKT physician with valuable insight to assist in determining the precise and appropriate level of care.

KKT has collaborated with manufacturers of digital diagnostic devices to develop a tailored digital x-ray system.

What to Expect with KKT Orthopedic Spine Center:

Your x-ray session will last approximately 30 minutes, during which time a trained and certified member of the KKT medical team will take several views. The KKT x-ray diagnostic room is built to provide the highest protection against x-ray radiation. In addition, patients are provided with a lead x-ray shield and only minimum intensity exposure is used.

As part of your in-depth medical condition review, the KKT medical team will analyze the digital images utilizing the Spinalytics program. The team will review your medical history and conduct other customized diagnostic examinations to establish your individualized treatment parameters. This process will also help to assess and diagnose for possible signs of degeneration, structural, and neurological compromise. Your KKT physician will discuss these points during your report of findings session.

A second set of x-rays will be taken at a point deemed necessary by your KKT physician. After post x-rays, we will have the opportunity to discuss what structural reconfiguration and transformation your spine has undergone during the initial phase of treatment, and how we plan to address current and future developments.

KKT’s proprietary diagnostic software, Spinalytics, is capable of quickly capturing storing and formatting x-ray images, and integrating them with data from diagnostic purposes.

Spinalytics features web-capability and is securely accessible by KKT certified treatment centres.

Did you know…

Data collected by KKT Spinalytics assessment of your x-ray is also used to deliver you precise configurations for KKE (Khan Kinetic Exercise) program. This personalized exercise protocol is formulated to fit your unique anatomy. KKE will be introduced to you once your KKT physician has ensured that you are physically ready for it.